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It’s late, I am sitting in my chair with my laptop in my lap, a drizzle of rain is falling outside and I can hear constant plunk plunk plunk sounds of the rain hitting the floor, a cool breeze is running through my room. A table fan is running pointing away from myself because otherwise it feels too cold.

I sit while I think about the world around me. That’s what I do when I am bored, I marvel about the world, it’s enormity and beauty. Thinking deeply about any topic is the best source of dopamine that you can get, it may sound like a waste of time to others, but I disagree.

I think about the people, both living and dead who have invested so much of their time and energy to give me and everyone the world how it is now. I think about the people who have sacrificed their lives to give me freedom.

I think about myself, my merits and flaws.

I think about physics, which governs us all. The intricate properties of nature, I think about the analogy given by the great Richard Feynman that the world is like a giant chess game, but we don’t know the rules of this game. And that we are a mere observer in this giant game of chess, we can only figure out the rules of the game by observing what’s going on. We may devise some theory based upon a thing we observed in the game which will be considered true until proven otherwise by some other observation noticed in the game. We may never know all the rules of the game, but we have no other choice. We don’t know when the game will end, or whether it will ever end.

You know, sometimes when I am reading my school textbook and stumble upon some phenomena, A thought comes to my mind on why this thing is a big deal? Why such obvious phenomena is named after the scientist who discovered it? I think this thought mainly occurs due to the way the fact is presented to the reader in books.

Let’s take an example of Kirchhoff’s Law. This might be a bad example but it gives you the general idea.

Kirchhoff’s junction rule, states that, for any node (junction) in an electrical circuit, the sum of currents flowing into that node is equal to the sum of currents flowing out of that node; or equivalently:

The algebraic sum of currents in a network of conductors meeting at a point is zero. 

Yeah that was quite obvious right??

But back in 1845 when Kirchhoff stated that law, our understanding of world was different. What sounds obvious to us now could have been an alien concept then. The game of chess keeps going on, and with time our understanding of it increases.

Forget about the people in 1845, take the example of yourself. This concept would have been as alien to you as those people when you were 4, we all learnt everything we know gradually by observing this giant game of chess. With some help from others of course ;)

I have heard my fellow classmates complaining about why “history” is included in the science syllabus. By that I mean why are theories that were disregarded are included in the books, they were obviously wrong right? (Referring to the various atomic theories)
But I say that they are quite important because they give us an idea about how science progressed, and is progressing. It’s a continuous process, as they say “Change is the only constant” theories change, ideas change. World progresses, new thoughts emerge, and along with them new criticism, debates go on and innovation happens :)


I think about my future and what I want to do in this marvelous world…

I think about Music, and the power it posses. I sense it’s energy, the modulation of voice, the vibration of strings, the resonance of sound. Not many people know it, but music is an important part of myself. If given the choice, I’d 100% pursue the career of singing. But these fields are very hard to break in and a lot of things depend on luck and connections.

I think about why I started writing this post anyway??

I think about the number of things I forgot, which I was thinking while I am typing this out..

I think about the initial title of this post which was “Random Thoughts”. But it can’t be truly random because that’s nearly impossible to achieve and may only exist at the very foundations of matter. The words in this article are just the result of the things my brain has caught up since my birth.

I think about “thinking” and how our education system is trying it’s best to stop people from doing it.

I think about my laptop’s battery, which is low.

I think that this post will probably sound silly to me when I read it later..

I think that it’s late and I should probably sleep.

The rain has slowed down, but I can still hear the plunking sounds. The room is very cold, I have turned off the fan to prevent myself from freezing.

The night is loud, and stars are bright. And it’s time for me to say, Good Night..

~~ Shrirang Kahale

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